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Performance Coaching


Peak performance life coaching is all about achieving your full potential. Becoming the best at something, overcoming a personal challenge, taking your business to the next level is not often not a common goal. If you have exceptional goals, you need an exceptional coach.

Zero to Hero

Scott Sargeant is uniquely qualified as someone who has gone zero to hero fallen to below zero and risen back to hero. A top tier athlete who became paralyzed and was able to recover despite being told he would never walk again. Despite mastering his physical skills, mastering his mental and emotional performance was the real challenge. 

Goal Setting Webinar


Start goal setting in 2019 with not one but two peak performance coaches. Coach Enrique Montiel joins Coach Scott Sargeant to walk you through a powerful goal setting process. Both are top performers in their perspective sports who have gone on to train medal-winning athletes and top performing entrepreneurs.

The first step in achieving greatness is to have a clear, specific vision of your goals.

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Motivational Speaker


What does it take to become a Champion? It takes a champion mindset, a focus that is often lost in today's social media culture. While studying to complete his engineering degree, Scott became a Top Ten, All American Track and Field Hammer Throw athlete. 

 Your Olympic Mindset

Scott effectively shares the mindset, traits and his "3 keys of High Performance."  A formula that individuals and organizations can apply to themselves and companies to achieve a next level of success.

Scott is a NACA member and actively booking High Schools, college and university engagements.

TEDx Talk: The Truth Shall Set You Free

Suicide Prevention for High School & College Campuses NACA

  • Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death amoung college students. 
  • Girls Ages 15-19 suicide rates doubled from 2007 to 2015
  • Boys Age 15-19 suicide rates grew by 30 percent from 2007 to 2015

Scott has inspired countless people with his story of courage and triumph. While training for the 1999 Olympics, Scott injured himself and was paralyzed and told he would never walk again. He developed his own recovery program with the help of his Olympic coach. Against all odds, Scott walked out the hospital weeks later.

For 18 years the story was that his injury was the result of an accident, but in reality it was the result of a failed suicide attempt. This makes Scott's recovery even more amazing.

Scott went public at the TedX talk for the first time. What kind of mental shift did Scott Sargeant have to make in order to make a 180? What were the signs that could have prevented him from making the worst decision of his life? 

This powerful message of hope, self-realization, mental health and personal development is one Scott felt compelled to share in order to help those going through the same challenges he experienced. 

For more information regarding Scott Sargeant please email or call me Call 858-353-4354.


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