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Scott Sargeant

Former Quadrilegic 

I help people heal themselves from paralysis and all kinds of injuries and nerve disorders.   And I specialize in helping people with spinal cord Injury.

  • Mechanical Engineering degree from U.C. San Diego50437922_2255649101389876_8436377214676631552_n.jpg
  • Track & Field  Hammer Throw Event

    • All-American Athlete for Four Years

    • National Collegiate Record Holder

    • 1992 and 1996 US Olympic Trials

    • 1994-1998 Nationally ranked in the Top 10

In 1999, while training for the 2000 Olympics, I crushed my spinal cord at C5-6 when I took a dive down a flight of concrete stairs.  I was paralyzed from the neck down, and diagnosed as a quadriplegic.  

I was given bleak prospects for recovery.  I was devastated and overwhelmed with anguish and despair.

I was told I'd probably never walk again.

My Olympic coach challenged me, "Are you going to FIGHT and make yourself well, or are you just going to give up and quit?"

I decided to fight.

I created my own treatment program. As an elite athlete, I had tools that were directly relevant, and others that I adapted for my situation. With daily mental, somatic, nutritional, linguistic, and other intentional healing strategies, I rapidly accelerated my healing.

Just six weeks after my injury, to the amazement of my doctors, I walked out of the hospital.

I created a system that works, based on the three keys I learned to focus on to rapidly empower my healing.  Now, I use this system to empower others' recovery too.

If you have the commitment to healing yourself, and the dedication to do the work. Let's talk.

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Call 858-353-4354

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