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Free Goal Setting Workshop - Includes 30 min. Coaching Session

Start goal setting in 2019 with not one but two peak performance coaches.  Coach Enrique Montiel joins Coach Scott Sargeant to walk you through a powerful goal setting process. Both top performers in their perspective sports have gone on to train medal winning athletes and top performing entrepreneurs.

The first step in achieving greatness is to have a clear specific vision of your goals.

Click below to enroll now for this free goal setting webinar. Sign up now and we will be sending you the beta version of this webinar in the  next 7-14 days.

This project is an exciting collaboration between myself, Coach Enrique Montiel and David Kamatoy at

We shot this at beginning of 2019 and wanted to share a goal setting process that really helps you clarify your dreams and desires.

We are in BETA and are working on automating the process so that's more than just an online video with a link but an interactive experience that creates some interactivity, accountability and more importantly inspires you to take you and yourself to the next level of success.

What to expect...

Part I - Mastermind Interview w/ David Kamatoy, Enrique Montiel and Scott Sargeant. In this interview we sit down and talk about setting goals and some of the disconnection between goal setting, dreaming and action. 

Part II, III, IV - The workshop will be divided up into multiple videos so that you can take the time to set some goals.


By being part of this group you will be able to write and share your goals with myself, Enrique and David. Sharing your goals wil help you be accountable for your success.

Most importantly by taking the time to define your dreams, goals and desires it will help you have clarity. 

Part V - Once you have completed the workshop. I will sit down with you over the phone or via zoom for 30 minutes for a  coaching session. Gratis.

Full Disclosure Obviously...

We would love to work with you formally as a client. But we may not be the right match, you may not need us at all. Regardless we would love to have you in the database and part of the network so we know your skill set, projects, and what you need next. 

More Disclosure... 

We will not publish your dreams or goals. Your information will only be shared with our teams and not be sold to any third party. Expect communications via this jugglemail CRM system. Additionally you can opt out at anytime.

If you need to communicate with someone right now about you and your project just respond to this email and or call us. You can reach out to any of us via this email and we will forward the message along.

Thank you again for checking out the Goal Setting Workshop.

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