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Mental Performance Coach

Scott Sargeant is not your average coach.  He's been a word class  competitor, a peak performance athlete, and he has recovered completely from the most catastrophic injury, transforming himself from a paralyzed 'talking head' in a hospital bed to an extraordinary athlete and leader.Scott draws upon his experience as a bio-mechanical engineer, a teacher, a workshop leader and a top-level athletics coach to support his clients in achieving goals most people only dream of.

In his private coaching, Scott specializes in coaching high achievers, helping those who are comong back from injury, and top-performing world champion athletes.

Mental Performance Coaching

Mental performamce coaching is all about achieving your full potential. Becoming the best at something, overcoming a personal challenge, taking your business to the next level is not often not a common goal. If you have exceptional goals you need an exceptional coach.

Zero to Hero

Scott Sargeant is uniquely qualified as someone who has gone zero to hero fallen to below zero and back to hero. A top tier athlete who became paralyzed and was able to recover despite being told he would never walk again. Despite mastering his physical skills, mastering his mental and emotional performance was the real challenge.

Scott Sargeant coaching clients range from entrepreneurs, business owners, world class athletes to those working on physical recovery. 

If Scott Sargeant's story and background resonate with you, if you want to take you or your project to the next level. Please send him an email, book an appointment or give Scott a call. 

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