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50437922_2255649101389876_8436377214676631552_n.jpgScott Sargeant
Motivational Speaker & Mental Performance Coach

Hello, I’m Scott Sargeant, and I’m a business, success and mental performance coach. In my life I have been an Aerospace Engineer, an NCAA champion and an Olympic-level athlete. I have also been a quadriplegic, following an incident that broke two cervical vertebrae and crushed my spine. But more on that later.

  • Mechanical Engineering degree from U.C. San Diego

  • Track & Field  Hammer Throw Event

    • All-American Athlete for Four Years

    • National Collegiate Record Holder

    • 1992 and 1996 US Olympic Trials

    • 1994-1998 Nationally ranked in the Top 10

I am the founder of The Sargeant Group, a coaching, training and inspirational speaking organization dedicated to helping business professionals gain a competitive advantage by increasing revenues and profits. At the same time, I teach my clients how to have more balance and freedom in their lives regarding their personal time, fitness and fulfillment. I also work with people on a more personal level who want to take control of their lives, including people dealing with issues of depression and suicide.

8469720.jpgFirst, a little bit more about me. As a young man, I was blessed with incredible physical prowess, which I channeled into track and field in high school. Eventually I focused on the hammer, a sixteen-pound metal ball at the end of a steel wire that you spin around and throw. To say I was good would be an understatement; I was a two-time NCAA champion in the sport at my level, a four-time All American, and also a two-time US Olympic Trials participant. At the same time I was completing work on my degree in Mechanical Engineering and starting what would eventually be a decade-long career in the aerospace industry. But it all came crashing down, literally, one day.

bed-walking_orig.jpgThat was the day I went headfirst down a concrete flight of stairs. I landed on my head, breaking two cervical vertebrae and crushing my spine. When I awoke in the hospital, I was unable to move or even feel my arms or legs. The doctors told me that I was a quadriplegic and would never walk again. As I was processing this news, my track coach called - the nurse had to hold the phone to my head for me - and asked me if I was going to give up or fight back. I chose to fight back. I used every bit of inner strength and training I had learned as an Olympic-level athlete, and the day I was released from the hospital I walked out on my own.

Scott-Orangr1.pngBut there is one secret that I kept for years, a secret that ate away at me inside and made me feel like a fraud every day. That secret was, the accident was no accident. Because of personal issues and an unwillingness to admit I needed help, I had descended into the depths of depression. I had reached the point that suicide seemed the only option, so I threw myself down that flight of stairs hoping it would end all the pain. In a way, it did because it forced me to finally come to terms with myself.

ls8n4s9q.jpegWhich brings me back to my work with people dealing with depression and suicidal thoughts. While many people working in this area have the best intentions, few of them have the real life experience to draw on. I have lived this. I understand the thoughts and feelings. I may not have all the answers, but I have the empathy that people considering ending their life deserve.

I’m glad that you chose to visit my website, and I sincerely hope that you find it of value. If you would like more information about working together on your goals, or if you would be interested in having me speak to your organization, please click here to email me or call 858-353-4354.

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